A Company Built on Hard Work, Determination and Strong Values

We’ve been in the field since 1999, gaining experience in excavation, septic installation and repair, job estimation and customer service. From environmental maintenance to full oil service, these past experiences have given JPC Septic a more deep and diverse skill set and knowledge base, which adds value to our quality services.

The road that led to JPC’s inception was long and complicated, full of learning experiences, tests of willpower, and the galvanizing of our morals. This difficult path has only strengthened our commitment to providing outstanding service to our customers with their best interest in mind. It helped us create our motto:

“Don’t worry about the small stuff and help people.”

We work hard knowing that we are at our best as a team when we are in control of our own destiny. That’s why we practice transparency, honesty, and complete projects to perfection to build a reputation as the best company to work with in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. That is why we have a simple business model:

“Take care of clients by presenting the full scope of work from start to finish no surprises.”

And that’s how we’ll be conducting our business, each and every project.

This information was obtained from the interview the Boston Voyager conducted with JPC Septic owner Jake Pettes. The link to the full article can be found below.